Truck Stop Diner was originally owned by Arthur Miller and was built by the Kullman Car Company in Harrison, NJ. Up until 1948 the diner was located on 50th Street and 8th Avenue in New York City, across the street from Madison Square Garden. At the time, the diner was known as the Arena Diner. In 1948, it was moved from New York City to South Kearny, NJ. The new owner was Brady. Brady later sold the diner to John Spanos, whom owned the diner until 1989.
In 1989, Sam Kolokithas bought the diner and changed the name to Truck Stop Diner. He has been running the place ever since. Up until this day, the interior is still the original from when it was built. The diner is known to truck drivers all over the country.  It is currently operated by Sam and his wife, along with their three children. It serves classic diner food along with homemade cooking and always keeps an up to date menu. The diner has been a base for advertising commercials for companies such as Tums. There were multiple music video clips that took place at the diner as well as GQ magazine fashion photography shoot. Sam and the family’s mission is to provide the best food and service. They use fresh and natural ingredients in all of their cooking.

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